Welcome to Dana's

When you need to slow down from the everyday hectic pace, grab a breather and an unforgettable dining experience in the warm ambiance of Dana's Rusty Anchor.

Our mouth-watering seafood, slow cooked steak, and panoramic view overlooking Lake Champlain and Valcour keep our patrons returning week after week.

But a visit to Dana's goes beyond that.
We believe that every evening, our staff can turn a good night into a great one. Whether it's ensuring your Valcour Sirloin Tips are cooked to perfection, bringing in live music for the ideal soundtrack to a spectacular lake sunset, or visiting with Dana himself, there's no experience in Plattsburgh quite like it.

So bring your friends and try one of our nightly specials like the Icelandic Haddock. Whether you park by car or boat, you're sure to leave in great spirits.

Life's just better by the lake.